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Log Entry Fuel Stop

This screen is entered from the Log File screen.

How to Use
This screen is used to enter fuel stop information. When done, click the Save & Exit button to save your changes. 

Chain & Store. Rig Expense Tracker comes with a predefined list of fuel chains. This list does not contain 100% of all of the different chains out there. However, the software is geared to learn from your input. To input a chain, begin typing the name of the chain in the first Search box. As you type, the software will zero in on the chain that you are looking for. If the chain cannot be found, you will be asked if you wish to add it. Clicking Yes to this will take you to the Chains & Stores maintenance screen. Simply fill in the Chain's name and click Ok. Then, close out of the Chains & Stores maintenance.

Once you have selected the chain, click the lock button at the end of the search box. This will lock the search box, preventing inadvertant changes.

Next, begin typing the name of the store in the store's search box. This works the same way that the chain's search box. Make sure that the store names input make sense to you. Please do not make the store's name the same as the chain's name. Rather, make the store's name unique to the location. For example, TA Travel Centers of America has a two stores in Ontario, CA at the same exit off of I-10. One of them is called, "Ontario East Travel Center #26." Since that is the name they print on their receipts, it would make sense to call it that name in this software.

Fuel Type. The fuel types listed are how they are listed in IFTA reporting. Diesel #2 would fall under the "Special Diesel" fuel type.

U.S. or Canada. Enter your fuel amount (to 5 decimal places), price per gallon (or liter), and optional fuel temperature in the spaces provided. You will notice that the gallons will convert to liters and vice versa for you. The same goes for temperature input.

Discounted Price. If you know the discounted price you are getting, then enter it in this field. If not, click the button in order to determine your discounted price. See Fuel Discount Calculator for more details.

Full Tank(s)?. If you fill all tanks, then mark it as such. For fills, fuel statistics for that fill will be displayed. You must fill your tanks periodically in order for this software to calculate fuel mileage. Use the button to refresh (recalculate) the fuel statistics data.

Add Fuel Expense. This will allow you to add an expense entry for this fuel stop. (Please read the section on Income & Expenses to fully understand how to make an expense entry.) The expense category will automatically be set to "Fuel" and the description will be set to the chain's name. Please do not change these descriptions.