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Fuel Discount Calculator

This screen is accessed from the Log Entry Fuel Stop screen.

How to Use
The purpose of this screen is to help you determine your true fuel costs. Before entering this screen, you should have entered the total fuel amount and the price-at-the-pump cost per gallon or liter on the fuel stop screen.

There are three places on this screen where you may start.

Most of the time you don't know your true cost when you are pumping because the deal that has been worked out might be the fuel chain's "cost + 8 cents."

One of the tricks you can do if you use a fuel card is to check your card's balance before fueling and then again immediately after fueling. This will provide the actual cost of fueling. If you do this, then enter those balances at the top of the screen and the rest will be calculated for you.

If you already know the actual cost of fueling, then you may enter that and the rest will be calculated for you.

If you already know the net amount of the discount, then you may enter that.

In any of these cases, the bottom line is for the screen to determine the discounted price per gallon or liter. Once this has been calculated, then click the Use This button and the amount will be filled into the fuel stop screen.

(Note that when this screen is entered, some fields will be back-calculated from the Discounted Price field. The results will most likely not be 100% accurate, but they will be close if the discounted price was not zero to start with.)