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Chains & Stores

Select from the main menu to get to this screen.

Screen Layout
This screen is used to keep the names and addresses of the fuel chains. Rig Expense Tracker ships with some of the chains already set up. However, no individual store information has been entered.

Most of the time, you will be adding chains and stores as you input fuel log entries. That is certainly the easiest and most efficient way of adding chain or store information. You may also use this screen to add, edit or delete information.

The large grid on the screen contains a list of all of the chains that have been set up. A chain merely consists of its name. You may edit the chain's name by double-clicking on it in the grid. (The grid itself may not be edited.) You may add a new chain by clicking the New Chain button at the top of the screen. If you wish to delete a chain, click on it in the grid and then click the Delete Chain button. The chain and all of its associated stores will be eliminated.

If you click the + sign in front of a chain, all of its stores will be displayed. You may edit a store by double-clicking on it in the grid. Store names should be meaningful. It is recommended to incorporate the store number in the store's name. This number should be printed on your fuel receipt. Keep as much information for the store as you want, including longitude and latitude, road and marker. There are two different mapping buttons on the screen. The one at the top of the screen will Google Map the address of the store. The one after the longitude field will Google Map the longitude and latitude of the store.

Make sure that you save any changes made.

To add a new store, click on the chain and then click the New Store button. To delete a store, click on the store to be deleted and then click the Delete Store button.