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Screen Shots

  Main screen. The main screen provides a gateway to all of the software's functions. It also serves as a summary for how your truck is doing fuel-wise and cost-wise.
Log Entry screen. Allows access to the input screens for all log entries.
Rig Expense Tracker Log Entry Form Form for Log Entries. All forms are designed to fit on a clipboard.
Rig Expense Tracker Fuel Entry Form Form for Fuel Stops.
Rig Expense Tracker Road Changes Entry Form Form for Road Changes
Rig Expense Tracker Maintenance Entry Form Form for Maintenance.
Rig Expense Tracker Income and Expense Screen Income and Expenses main screen. Entries may be done against a specific load, as an overall truck entry, or as an overall business entry. Expenses may be flagged as reimbursable in order to appear on invoices.
Rig Expense Tracker Income and Expense Report Income and Expense Detail by Category Report. All income and expense entries may be reported. Other reports include Detail by Date, Summary by Category, and Summary by Category and Description.
Rig Expense Tracker Monthly DOT Report Monthly DOT Required Maintenance Record. This report may be printed or e-mailed.
Rig Expense Tracker Invoice Invoice. Invoices are prepared from the load edit screen. You may predefine load charges (such as mileage and tarp fees). Reimbursable expenses tied to the load will display as well. You may include your logo!
Pay Stub PDF Pay Stub. This is produced from the "Pay Your Drivers" feature.


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