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Licensing is explained on the Licensing page. Costs are explained on the Costs page. You may download and try Rig Expense Tracker FREE for a free 30-day, limited trial. (You are encouraged to try the software before purchasing a license. Once registration unlocking codes are issued, there are NO refunds.)

This is a FULL download of Rig Expense Tracker. It will install empty data files, so do not use this download if you already have Rig Expense Tracker installed as it will wipe out your data. Updates to this software are performed from within the software itself, or you may scroll down this page to the "update downloads" section.

If you need to move Rig Expense Tracker to a different PC, please read the "Help - Move Software to a Different PC" screen from within the program. It will guide you through this process.

If you need assistance with installing Rig Expense Tracker, or if you need help upgrading, please contact Support.

TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT. This software includes a free 30-day, limited trial. ONCE YOU PURCHASE THIS SOFTWARE, THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

(See below if you are on a Mac.)

Installation Note: You will most likely need to install the software as the Administrator. After downloading the full version, open the folder containing the "rigexpensetrackerfull" download, right-click on it and select "Run as Administrator."

Attention Mac Users

Rig Expense Tracker is a Windows product only. There are ways to run this on your Mac, but you need Windows emulation software to do this. Take a look at these websites:


VMWare Fusion.


Rig Expense Tracker does not endorse any of these products; they are simply listed here to show you that there are options available for you to run Rig Expense Tracker on your Mac.

Update Downloads for Registered Users

If you are having difficulty downloading the program updates from within the Rig Expense Tracker program, then that most likely means that you have a firewall that is blocking Rig Expense Tracker from retrieving its update via FTP transfer.

This section is a workaround for firewall issues. It is intended for registered users only. If you are on a trial version, these downloads will not work properly for you.

Before applying any updates, please close Rig Expense Tracker if it is running. (The updates will be downloaded from the www.almsysinc.com website. ALMSys, Inc. is the author of Rig Expense Tracker.)

For the most recent program version upgrade, CLICK HERE (version 3.5000. Includes Q2 2024 IFTA). Please note that the upgrade always runs in two parts. The first part will update the program files, and the second part will convert the data files to the latest version. (If the second part does not run, or you get the message, "You are attemping to run Rig Expense Tracker with programs for version x.xx, but the data files are on version x.xx," then please check your Windows Start bar for a program that is waiting for approval to run. You may also run the data conversion program from your Start Menu - ALMSys, Inc. - Rig Expense Tracker - RET Data Conversion.)

For the most recent IFTA download, CLICK HERE (Q2 2024). (New IFTA downloads are typically ready midway through the third month of the quarter.)

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