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Rig Expense Tracker Licensing

Rig Expense Tracker has an initial licensing fee and an annual maintenance / renewal fee. The renewal fee does not come into play until you renew at the end of each year from the date you initially license the software. Registered users are entitled to free support and program updates.

When the software is initially registered, you are given three, and ONLY three registrations. This allows for PC crashes and other unforeseen problems. Do not share your registration number with anyone else; this is yours and yours alone. You will need it for support and future reinstalls of the software. If you run out of registrations, you will have to pay the full price of a new copy in order to obtain a new registration number.

If you know that you are getting a new PC or laptop, there is a way to unregister the current installation so it may be installed onto the new PC without losing a registration count. For more details on registration, see the Registration help topic within the software itself.

Initial registration pays for one year of upgrades and support. Your license must be renewed each year in order to continue using the software and to get support.

(Note: Once registration unlocking codes are issued, there are NO refunds.)

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