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Trucking Software for Owner/Operators, Leased Operators, and Company Drivers
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Welcome to Rig Expense Tracker trucking software

Rig Expense Tracker will track the income and expenses, truck information, and load information for owner/operators, leased operators, and company drivers. It was written by a software expert with the guidance of owner/operators and leased operators. It is easy to install and very easy to operate.

If you are an owner/operator, a leased operator, or a company driver, then this is the trucking software that you have been looking for!

  • Input in ANY order

  • Easily change ANY error

  • Call support for ANY question (including FREE training!)

  • Backup data ANY time and upload for secured offsite safekeeping


Rig Expense Tracker will:

  • allow multiple trucks to be tracked

  • allow you to log state/province changes, fuel stops, road changes, maintenance, trips, load pick-ups and drop-offs, month end odometer settings, and toll roads

  • allow you to import GPS data in order to facilitate the input of road changes and state/province changes

  • track income and expenses, categorized (overall entries, entries for a truck as a whole, and entries tied to a specific load)

  • provide income & expense reports, include profit/loss statement

  • track fuel consumption (gallons or liters) & mileage (miles or kilometers)

  • track truck maintenance & produce DOT reports

  • track trailer maintenance & produce report

  • provide an overall cost per mile and net cost per mile (or kilometer)

  • store contacts (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)

  • provide IFTA support information and required summary reports for individual trucks and fleets

  • allow you to back up your data and optionally upload your data for offsite safekeeping

  • provide trip, load and log file reports

  • provide a professional-invoicing capability for owner/operators (general invoicing and load-specific invoicing)

  • provide two types of settlement screens to assist in dispersing payments

  • allow you to set reminders for general purposes and maintenance items 

  • allow multiple truck owners to create and track payments for their drivers. This "Pay Your Drivers" feature includes the ability to print checks, track loans (advances), and track driver escrow accounts.

  • export income and expense entries as a CSV file for external accounting

  • report loads for which no income entries have been posted (unpaid loads)

  • trucks side-by-side analysis grid and report

  • allow you to see all of your unpaid invoices in an interactive grid right from the main screen

  • allow documents to be "attached" to a load (such as scanned in documents, saved emails, etc)

  • provide a fuel estimation calculation (and report) that will allow you to calculate estimated fuel needed (and estimated cost) for a trip

This is NOT a log book program.

Advantages over the other trucking software:

  • Written by a software developer with over 30 years of professional experience writing business applications and trucking software. AND -- you may speak directly to the developer!

  • Written by a database expert using a solid database platform. Other products use databases that break easily or do not install properly.

  • Written 100% in the USA. No outsourcing to other countries like the other products.

  • Data may be input in ANY order desired. Other products make you input in order, and if you miss something, you have to delete and re-enter. That is just plain stupid and counter-productive.

  • Written for a standalone PC. Regardless of what other software companies say, inputting your data on the Internet is NOT safe nor can it be guaranteed 100% secure. What happens to your data if that software company goes under? Good luck getting it back. Also, it relies 100% on an Internet connection. Rig Expense Tracker will work wherever you go and will not require an Internet connection to operate.

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Order Information

Rig Expense Tracker licenses in a 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, or unlimited truck quantity. Orders are accepted on the Costs screen.

From the Developer (updated 06/20/2014)

I take great pride in this software, and I am ALWAYS looking for ways to improve Rig Expense Tracker. I can only do that with YOUR suggestions. PLEASE call or email with your ideas and needs. I have received some wonderful feedback and some awesome suggestions.  (Note: New releases are always announced on the Rig Expense Tracker Facebook page.)

The most recent release had these changes: (Version 2.4200 was released 06/20/2014)

  • Added Motor Carrier Number to customers maintenance.
  • Refreshed statistics after settlement post.
  • Changed FTP from active to passive. This means that downloading updates and uploading backups should work on mobile hot spots.
  • Changed the IFTA update to use the website's install program, rather than downloading with the program open. (This was causing the IFTA files to become corrupt.

These suggestions have been programmed and are ready for the next release:

  • None.

These suggestions are being programmed right now:

  • None.

Outstanding requests needing research before they can be programmed:

  • Add time of day to load pickup & drop-off,  and trip start/end.

Bugs Fixed:

  • None.

Keep those ideas coming! -- Rick Stephens, author of Rig Expense Tracker

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