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Pay Your Drivers

This screen is entered from the button on the main menu.

With this system, you will be able to create payments for your drivers. You will be able to create physical paychecks and pay stubs. Please review this overview section before proceeding.

The first thing you need to do is to define your drivers. This task is done from this screen and there is a "How to Use" section below that will cover how to use this screen. When setting up your drivers, please make sure you fill in the Percent Share field as this is critical to the payment calculations.

Paycheck Information and Forms
If you plan on printing your own paychecks, then you must use check stock that complies with the following layout:
  • 8-1/2" x 11"
  • check on top, 3 sections
  • laser printer-ready
  • pre-numbered

    The stock that was used in testing came from "Laser Printer" ( They call it "Checks on Top" and as of 09/11/2012, the direct link to this stock was  Order the checks with lines on them so that you may use them for handwritten checks as well. Rig Expense Tracker was designed to print on a check with lines present. 

    The checks also must be already numbered. This gives you better control over your check stock by making it easier to detect if a blank check is missing.

    Although it is recommended to print checks on a laser printer, you should be able to print them on an ink-jet printer as well.

    The paychecks have three sections. The bottom (third) section is to be kept by you, and the top two sections are to be given to the driver. The middle (second) section will contain the driver's mailing address. This address is positioned on the stock to line up with a standard #10 window envelope. Look for envelope stock that has the following specifications:
  • Window Size: 1-1/8" x 4-1/2"
  • Window Position: 7/8" Left, 1/2" Bottom

    Using this type of envelope will allow you to fold the driver's portion of the paycheck on the perforation, and simply stick it in an envelope for mailing.

    TIP: Before printing on your first stock paycheck, print on paper and then hold it up against your stock to ensure everything lines up properly. If the printing is off, then please contact Support for assistance.

    Driver Loans and Advances
    You have the ability to track loans provided to your drivers. Loans can be assessed an interest rate or be set up as a simple multi-payment reimbursement. You have complete control of how you want to be repaid. 

    Year To Date, Life To Date
    All of the detail additions and deductions will keep track of year-to-date (YTD) and life-to-date (LTD) amounts for you. If you are wanting Rig Expense Tracker to "catch up" these numbers from payments made outside of this software, then you may easily do this, as follows:
  • For LTD numbers that are larger the the current YTD numbers, create a payment to the driver for all of those additions and deductions. Use the difference of the two numbers (LTD - YTD) as the amount. Post this as of the end of LAST year.
  • For YTD, create a payment to the driver for all of those additions and deductions. Use YTD as the amount.

    That will get you caught up. Alternatively, you could post all of the individual driver payments as well. Both should result in accurate YTD and LTD amounts.

    The purpose of this screen is to provide a means in which to pay your drivers and keep track of driver loans/advances. This screen is the gateway to all of the screens that comprise the Pay Your Drivers subsystem.

    How to Use
    The grid lists all of the drivers that are currently working for you, or have worked for you in the past. Use the What to Show? box at the top of the screen to control the types of drivers to convey. 

    New drivers are added via the button. This will take you to the Driver Maintenance screen.

    If you need to eliminate a driver, click on the driver in the grid and then click the button. This will delete the driver and all related payments, loans, and advances for that driver.

    You may edit a driver's information by either double-clicking on the driver in the grid, or by single-clicking on the driver in the grid and clicking the button. This will take you to the Driver Maintenance screen.

    Use the button to go to the Driver Loans screen. This is where you will set up cash advances and loans for the driver.

    Use the button to go to the Driver Payments screen. This is where you will create payments to your drivers.

    Overall Driver Reports are available via the button. This will take you to the Overall Driver Reports screen.