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Overall Driver Reports

This screen is accessed from the Pay Your Drivers screen.

The purpose of this screen is to provide overall reports related to the payments made to all drivers. 

Screen Layout
Reports are limited to the date range provided at the top of the screen. Use the buttons immediately underneath the date range to set the date range to the setting on the button.

Note: These reports are date sensitive. If you did not set the Date field for a payment, then it will NOT appear on any reports.

The Overall Driver Summary will show a summary of payments made to drivers for the date range specified.

The Escrow Summary will show a summary for each active escrow account, tallied by driver.

Then Check Register will show a one-line summary for each payment created. This report has additional report options that are listed on the screen in the "For Check Register Only" box. You must choose at least one of the "how paid" codes list. If you choose to limit to a specific check range, please be aware that the check number is NOT stored as a number in the file, but rather as a text string. This means that the value is read left-to-right as text. For example, check number "300" would be after "2000" because "3" is greater than "2".

Running a Report
To run a report, select the desired report listed under "Reports Available." Then, click one of the three buttons to the right:
  •   This will preview the report.
  •   This will send the report directly to your printer.
  •   This will send the report as a PDF attachment to an e-mail. See the e-mail send screen for more details.