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Driver Maintenance

This screen is accessed from Pay Your Drivers.

The purpose of this screen is to edit information pertaining to this driver.

How to Use
Most of the fields on this screen are self-explanatory. 
  • Use the Active Status box to deactivate a driver.
  • The Code/Number field is your internal number or code for this driver. For example, you may have an employee numbering scheme for your operation.
  • The SSN/SIN field is the driver's social security number, or social insurance number for Canada. You may not directly edit this field due to its nature of being key to identity theft. Click on the field to open an edit box for the field. Enter the number without hypens or spaces. Then, click OK to close the window. (This field is internally stored as encrypted data.)
  • The Percent Share field is the percentage of the net sharable revenue that is to become the driver gross amount. This percentage is overridable on each driver payment. 

    Use the button to save any changes made.