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Upcoming Loads Edit

This is accessed from the Upcoming Loads grid.

Screen Layout
This screen closely resembles the Log File Load screen, but it is not the same.

The Active check box controls the active status of the upcoming load. On the load screen, only active upcoming loads may be chosen from. (After the load chooses an upcoming load, you will be asked if you with to mark this upcoming load as inactive.)

The Cancelled? box is used when an upcoming load has been cancelled (for any reason). If an upcoming load has been cancelled, then you would also want to mark this load as not active.

Where Did This Order Come From is the source of this load information. It might be a broker, it might be a customer, or it might have come from a load board. In any case, you will use the customer name and address list to define this information.  The date may be selected from a pulldown calendar. The time may be selected from a pulldown clock. The clock is a 24 hour clock. Use your left mouse button to select the hour, use the right mouse button to select the minute. Clcik the Set button to close up the clock. You may also manually type in the time, but it MUST be in a hh:mm:ss format.

Pick Up (Origin) in the physical location of the pickup. The = button is used to copy the earliest date and time fields to the latest date and time fields.

Stops Along the Way is a box where you can type in notes about your route, other pickups and drop offs, or any other relevant information.

Destination is the physical location of the final drop off. If you have multiple stops, then you can either list each stop as an upcoming load, or you may enter the route and stops in the Specifications field.

Line Haul, Charges, and Payment Options is used to input the line haul and anticipated charges for this load. Use the grid to input charges and fees. You will need to use the buttons above the grid in order to add, delete, or rearrange the charges. Once you add a charge, you will type in the description and amount directly into the grid.

The Upcoming Load Report will allow you to view, print, or e-mail this screen to you driver.