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Upcoming Loads

This screen is accessed from Truck - Upcoming Loads menu item on the main screen.

Screen Layout
This screen is used to store information for potential upcoming loads. When an upcoming load is picked up, you can import this information directly to the load edit acreen.

Upcoming loads will be displayed in a grid on this screen. You cannot edit this information here. Double click on any upcoming load shown here in order to open the upcoming loads edit screen.

Click the button to add a new upcoming load. You will be taken to the upcoming loads edit screen.

Click the button to delete an upcoming load from the grid.

Clcik the button to refresh the data in the grid.

The grid is sortable by clicking on any column heading. It is also searchable. There is a search box at the top that will allow you to search in the current sorted column.

You may also limit the grid to active or inactive upcoming loads. Use the "Show Active?" box at the top of the grid to do this.