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Cloud Control Panel

Select Tools - Cloud Control Panel from the main menu to get to this screen.

Screen Purpose
This screen is used to control how your data is to be accessed, either locally or on the Cloud.

Before Using Cloud Mode
Before you may choose to place your data on the Cloud, you must contact Support and be set up for Cloud access. You will be assisted on getting set up for Cloud Mode. (See How Cloud Based Works for more information.)

Screen Layout
Overall Cloud Status: This is the overall availability of the Cloud. "Not Available" means that the Cloud is offline, probably due to maintenance. "Available" means that it is online and ready.

Your Cloud Status: This reflects your personal Cloud availability. "Not Set Up" means that Support has not established your Cloud access. "Ready" means that Support has created your Cloud access and it is ready to be used.

Your Cloud Number: This is the Cloud number assigned to you by Support.

Your Current Access Mode: This reflects how you are currently accessing your data. "Local PC" means that you are not using the Cloud. "Cloud Based" means that you are using the Cloud.

How to Change Access Modes
Please be careful using this button. If you are unsure, please contact Support for assistance.

Switching To Be Cloud Based
Start with the PC which has your data. Select option, "This is the main PC...." and click the "Change Access Mode..." button. All of your files will be copied up to the Cloud and you will be placed into Cloud Mode.

For any and all additional workstations:
1. Install Rig Expense Tracker.
2. Register it under the same registration code as the main PC.
3. Go to the Cloud Control Panel.
4. Select "This is a workstation...." and click the "Change Access Mode..." button. Access will be changed to Cloud Mode.

Switching From Cloud Based back to Local PC 
Determine which of all of your connected PCs will be the main PC. Save this PC for last.

On the other non-main PCs, select "This is a workstation. Just disconnect this PC from the Cloud." and then click the "Change Access Mode..." button. The PC will simply be removed from the cloud. You should unregister and uninstall Rig Expense Tracker from these PCs.

On the main PC, select "This is the main PC. Download my cloud data files from the Cloud." and then click the "Change Access Mode..." button. All data files will be downloaded from the Cloud to this PC. After the download, you will be placed back into Local PC mode and all of your data will be on this PC.

PLEASE do not be afraid to ask Support for assistance in getting on and off of the Cloud.