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How Cloud Based Works

Rig Expense Tracker has the ability to run as a local (standalone) program with the data files stored locally on your PC, or as Cloud Based with the data files stored on the web server. Cloud Based provides the ability to share your Rig Expense Tracker data with another Rig Expense Tracker installation. This other installation may be anywhere, as long as the other installation has Internet access and is registered under your registration number.

Cloud Based is not included in the regular Rig Expense Tracker license, and there is an additional fee to use it. All costs and fees are explained on the Rig Expense Tracker website's Cost page.

To get started, you must contact support and request to be set up on the Rig Expense Tracker Cloud.

Program Speed
The program is fast when it is running in the Local PC data mode. That is because the data files are on the PC's hard drive and readily available.

Cloud Based speeds will be slower. There are many factors that come into play when you are Cloud Based:
  • Internet speed: How fast your connection is.
  • Internet reliability: How may bars you have. Is the connection solid or sporadic.
  • Rig Expense Tracker Web Server availability: The server used for Rig Expense Tracker is maintained by a third party. If they experience problems, they may make the Cloud slower or not available.

    All-in-all, expect the program to run about 1/3 as fast as Local PC data mode.

    Program Operation
    Rig Expense Tracker is NOT a web-based program. In Cloud Mode, your data is kept on the Internet, but the program itself is still PC-based. The program simply retrieves data from your Cloud and displays it on your PC. When you update any data, it is sent back up to your Cloud so that your other Cloud users will see the data changes.

    On some screens and grids, you will notice a new button that looks like . This is a refresh button and its purpose is to refresh the screen with the latest data from your Cloud. Under normal usage, you may never need to use the refresh button. As you enter into each screen, your data is automatically refreshed from your Cloud. However, in the event that you stay on the same screen for awhile, it is possible that another user on your Cloud makes an update that affects this screen. Rig Expense Tracker does not constantly refresh data on the screen while sitting idle. This would cause the program to be tremendously slow and inefficient. Therefore, if you are on a screen for a long time and have not done anything, then use the refresh button to make sure the data you are viewing is current. (Closing the screen and getting back into it would accomplish the same thing.)

    Backing Up Your Data Files
    It is always recommended for you to back up your data files....AND to upload them to Support. This provides additional protection to you in the event of data loss.

    Rig Expense Tracker Support backs up Cloud data files periodically. This is done primarily as an overall Cloud disaster recovery prevention for all cloud users.

    Rig Expense Tracker Support Cloud Maintenance
    There will be times where maintenance to the cloud will need to be performed. During these times, the cloud will be made unavailable.

    Rig Expense Tracker Support will do its best to give you advance warning on all maintenance that requires the cloud to be unavailable. However, everyone is susceptible to Internet outages.

    On the main Tools menu, there is a "Check Cloud Messages" feature that will convey any scheduled upcoming maintenance.