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Log Entry Trip

This screen is entered from the Log File screen.

How to Use
This screen is used to enter trip information. Enter the title of the trip and the trip I.D.  If you attempt to enter a Trip I.D. that has already been used, the field will turn red and a message will be displayed that will tell you where the I.D. has already be used. Duplicate Trip I.D.s are allowed, but not recommended.

When done, click the Save & Exit button to save your changes.

A Word About Trips
Traditionally, trips have been used to mean "loads." However, that is not the case here. A trip start and end are simply odometer markers in the log file. You cannot assign expenses or income to a trip; those go against the load or truck.

Here is where trips come in handy: Say you are going to get paid to deadhead to a customer, pick up a load, drop off the load, and then deadhead back. You would enter a log entries to start the trip before deadheading, start the load, drop off the load, and end the trip at the end of the deadhead back. Your trip report would include both the loaded and unloaded miles/kilometers.

Trip entries are NOT required, but are a good idea to use.

Another example of the use of trips would be if you are a leased operator or company driver, and you get paid weekly. You could start your trip on Monday and end your trip on Sunday. Your trip would include all activity fr the week.

Trip Report
A trip report is available from this screen, using the following buttons:
  •   This will preview the report.
  •   This will send the report directly to your printer.
  •   This will send the report as a PDF attachment to an e-mail. See the e-mail send screen for more details.

    Report Contents
    This report will print the odometer, state, date, and description from the log file entries. At the end of the report, it will print a summary of mileage & fuel by state or province. It will also print a cost analysis that is based solely on the start and stop odometers, and the start and stop dates.

    For fuel stops, the name and address for the stop will be printed along with the gallons/liters purchase and the corresponding price.

    For load starts and stops, the name and address for the location will be printed.