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Show Reminders

Select the button from the main menu to get to this screen.

The purpose of this screen is to show your outstanding reminders and to provide the means to mark a reminder as completed.

How to Use
The reminders grid will be sorted by the priority of the reminder. Priority is detemined by whether or not a reminder is due, soon to be coming due, or a ways out yet. Each reminder is given an indicator color of red, orange, or green. Red means that the reminder is due. Orange means that the reminder is within 7 days or within 1000 miles/kilometers.

An "Analysis" column will tell you why Rig Expense Tracker has marked the reminder as red, orange or green.

If you have completed the task in the grid, then you may mark it as completed by right-clicking on the task and selecting "Mark as Completed" on the pop-up menu. You may also click on the task and then click the Mark as Completed button. You may NOT mark a maintenance item as completed. Only making a maintenance entry will satisfy that type of reminder.

Reminders that are not recurring will disappear from the grid when marked as completed. The reminders themselves will not be deleted from the list of reminders, but rather just be marked as not active. You must go to Reminders Maintenance to completely delete a reminder.

Recurring reminders will be reset to the current date and odometer. If it is a monthly reminder, then it will be reset to the next month.