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Log Entry Odometer Screen

This screen is entered from the Log File screen.

How to Use
This screen is used to input or change the odometer, state/province, and date for log entries. State and province codes are input either by typing their abbreviation or by selecting the code from a list via the button. The date may be manually entered (typically in a mm/dd/yyyy fashion) or by selecting from a calendar via the down-arrow button.

When adding, some log entry types will require that you further specify the type of log entry desired. These types are:
  • State/province line. You will need to indicate whether you acquired a special trip permit to drive through this state or province. Indicating that you have a trip permit for this state or province makes that state or province exempt on the IFTA reporting.
  • Toll Road. You will need to indicate whether you are getting on or off of a toll road.
  • Loads. You will need to specify if this is a new load, an additional pick up, a partial load drop off, or if you are completing the load.

    Click the Save & Exit button to save your changes. If adding a new log entry, you may be redirected to a log entry screen for additional input, depending on the type of log entry. For example, state line changes only require the information on this screen, whereas a fuel stop will ask you for fuel-related information.

    Click the Cancel button to exit this screen without saving any data. This will also cancel adding a new log entry.