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Settlement Detail

This screen is accessed from the Settlement Master screen.

Screen Layout
This screen is used to assign income and expenses against a specific settlement. Entries on this screen are made like you would on the income and expenses screen. The main difference is that these entries are tagged to belong to a settlement.

To begin, enter the settlement information on the top portion of the screen. The amount field should reflect the net settlement amount. Make sure that you save your edits by clicking the button. Then, input your income and expense entries in the "Settlement Details" area. If you make the same entries for each settlement, then you should take advantage of the Load from Template feature. This feature will allow you to predefine income and expense entries that you commonly use, and add them to the settlement with just a couple mouse clicks.

As you make entries, the settlement will be balanced in the green box in the center of the screen. The settlement MUST balance to zero before it may be posted. (Entries made on this screen will not be reflected on the income and expeses grid until the settlement has been posted.)

Once your settlement is balanced to zero, you may post it by clicking the Post button at the top of the screen. Your entries will be made to the income and expenses and this screen will reflect that the settlement has been posted.

Adding Existing Income & Expense Records to a Settlement
Before posting a settlement, you may add existing records from income and expenses. To do this, exit the settlement screens back to the main menu and then select the Income and Expense button from the main screen. Above each of the grids, you should see a To Settlement button. Locate the desired record in the grid and then click the corresponding To Settlement button. You will be presented with a grid of all of the open settlements. Select the settlement and then click Ok. You will be asked to confirm the push. Once pushed to a settlement, it will be removed from the grid.

Unposting a Settlement
If you need to alter a settlement that has already been posted, you may do so by clicking the Unpost button at the top of the screen. All records for this settlement will be removed from the income and expenses grids an placed back into a temporary mode.

Starting Another New Settlement Without Exiting
To add a new settlement without exiting, click the button. A new settlement entry will be made and you will be stay on this screen.