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Settlement Master

This screen is entered from the main menu via the button.

Screen Layout
The settlement master screen is designed for leased operators and company drivers to apply payments received against loads. This screen is not to be used if you are an owner/operator and settle one load at a time via invoicing.

You may also use the settlement screens to defined what you expect to receive on future settlements.

Each settlement that you have done will appear in the green grid. By default, the most receont one will be listed first. Completed settlements (posted) will appear in the grid in gray and the "Posted?" box will be checked.

To add a new settlement, click the button. A new settlement entry will be made and you will be taken to the Settlement Detail screen.

To open an existing settlement, either double-click on the settlement in the grid or single click on the settlement in the grdi and click the button.

To delete an existing settlement, click on the settlement in the grid and then click the button. Deleting an existing settlement will delete all associated income and expense entries. This is a very dangerous button and deleting settlements is NOT recommended.