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Income & Expense Reports

This screen is accessed from the button on the Income & Expenses screen.

Screen Layout
This screen is used to provide reports for the income and expenses entered. Reports are limited to the date range provided at the top of the screen. Use the buttons immediately underneath the date range to set the date range to the setting on the button.

You may also limit your display using the controls in the "Limit Data Shown To:" box. This is initially set to "No Limits (Everything)." You may further limit the display to:
  • Truck (No Loads). For the current truck, it will show you the overall records for that truck only that are NOT tied to any specific load. Use the Truck button to select a different truck.
  • Truck + Loads. This will show all records for the truck, plus any loads for that truck.
  • Load Only. This will show you the entries made for the indicated load only. Use the Load button to switch to a different load.
  • Overhead Only. This will show you only those entries that are not associated with a truck/load.
  • Truck (Loads Only). For the current truck, it will show you only the records that are tied to loads.

    You may limit the report to a specific tax year.

    You may limit the report to only income entries, or only expense entries.

    You may limit the report to specific categories.

    You may include or not include those categories that are marked as "Do Not Include in Tallies" in category maintenance.

    Running a Report
    To run a report, select the desired report listed under "Reports Available." Then, click one of the three buttons to the right:
  •   This will preview the report.
  •   This will send the report directly to your printer.
  •   This will send the report as a PDF attachment to an e-mail. See the e-mail send screen for more details.

    Follow the same steps for creating a report (as far as date range and the "Limit Data Reported To:" are concerned). Then, click the Export Income & Expense as CSV button.

    This export will create a comma separated value file with the following layout:
  • Truck Number
  • Load Number
  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Date (formatted as mm/dd/yyyy)
  • Category
  • Description
  • Amount
  • How Paid Type
  • How Paid Code
  • Memo
  • Tax Year
  • Reimbursable (Y or N)
  • Reimbursable Amount
  • Settlement Number
  • I or E for Income or Expense
  • Amount (signed). Income will be negative and expenses will be positive.
  • Income only
  • Income only (signed)
  • Expense only

    Text fields will be wrapped in double quotes. Any embedded double quotes will be replaced with a space.