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Category Maintenance

This screen is accessed from the button on the Income & Expenses screen.

Screen Layout
This screen is used to keep the categories and descriptions for income and expenses. Rig Expense Tracker ships with some of the categories already set up. However, no descriptins have been entered.

Most of the time, you will be adding categories and descriptions as you input income & expense entries. That is certainly the easiest and most efficient way of adding category and description information. You may also use this screen to add, edit or delete information.

The large grid on the screen contains a list of all of the categories that have been set up. A category consists of its name, type (income or expense), color, and whether or not it is to be included in tallies. You may edit the category by double-clicking on it in the grid. (The grid itself may not be edited.) You may add a new category by clicking the New Category button at the top of the screen. If you wish to delete a category, click on it in the grid and then click the Delete Category button. The category and all of its associated descriptions will be eliminated, but only if it is not referenced.

If you click the + sign in front of a category, all of its descriptions will be displayed. You may edit a description by double-clicking on it in the grid. You may associate a website address, logon, and password with each description.

Make sure that you save any changes made.

To add a new description, click on the category and then click the New Description button. To delete a description, click on the description to be deleted and then click the Delete Description button.