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Backup / Restore Files

Select File - Backup / Restore Files from the main menu to get to this screen.

Backing Up
Click the Backup button to begin the backup process. You will be prompted for the folder destination and file name for the backup. It is highly recommended to back up your data to a different drive than where Rig Expense Tracker is installed, or, upload your backup to Support for offsite safe-keeping. (See below for uploading.)

Please back up often. In the event of a hard drive failure, your data is the most important part of Rig Expense Tracker. Support can always help you reinstall the software. However, only you can protect your data.

The backup location and file name will be remembered for the next time.

Backup files are encrypted for your protection.

You may only restore data from backups taken with the same software version. If you need to restore data from a different version, then you will need help from Support.

Click the Restore button to begin the restore process. You will be prompted for the location and file name of the backup file. The backup file selected will be analyzed to determine if it may be restored. If so, you will be allowed to continue with the restore.

After the restore has been completed, you do not need to completely exit the software. The new data will be made available immediately on exit from the Backup / Restore screen.

Upload to Support
Your last backup file may be uploaded to Support for safe-keeping. The current backup file listed on the screen is what will be sent.

To begin the process, you must first do a backup. Then, click the Upload to Support button. The backup file will be transmitted directly to the ALMSys, Inc. website. Progress of the upload will be displayed.

Your backup will remain on the ALMSys, Inc. website in a secured format. Only you and Support will have access to this data. Backup files are encrypted with a 44-character password. Even if someone else got hold of your backup file, it is extremely unlikely that they would be able to see and data.

Download from Support
In the event of catastrophe (such as a hard drive crash), you may use the Download from Support button to retrieve your backed up data file. You will be asked where to save this file on your hard drive. After downloading, use the Restore button to restore the data.