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Move or Remove I/E Records for a Truck

This screen is accessed from File - Move or Remove I/E Records for a Truck menu item on the Income & Expenses screen.

It is highly recommended to back up your data before using this screen. This is a dangerous screen and if you are not careful, you could lose a lot of data.

Screen Layout
This screen is used to either move income and expenses from one truck to another truck, to remove the truck reference from income and expense recods, or to completely delete income and expense records fro a truck.

Step #1
In this first step, choose the truck from which income and expense entries are to be moved or removed.

Step #2
Select the action to take with the income and expense records for the truck you selected in step #1.

Keep entries; just remove the truck reference: This will simply change the truck number to zero. It will keep your records.

Delete all entries: This is the dangerous selection. This will completely delete all income and expense records that have this truck referenced. Please think twice before selecting this option.

Move entries to truck # ...: This will simply change the truck number to the truck selected in the list.

Perform Move Or Remove
Once you have made your selections, click the Perform Move Or Remove button. If you are deleting records, you will be prompted to confirm this decesion.