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Alternate IFTA Fuel Input

This screen is accessed from the Alternate IFTA Input screen.

To collect fuel purchased by state or province.

How to Use
There are three buttons at the top of this screen that represent the months in the year-quarter selected. Click down the month button(s) and then click Apply to see the data which has been entered for the month(s) selected. A grid will appear with the results.

To the right of the grid, a panel will appear that contains controls for entering data for the month(s) selected. To enter new data, you must first select the month for this data (uncheck any other month buttons). Use the + button to begin the manual add process. This will display the window for you to input fuel information. A fuel entry is to be made for each state or province for which you purchased during that month. (You may have more than one entry for each state or province for any given month.)

Use the button to edit the data selected in the grid.

Use the button to delete the data selected in the grid. There is also a Delete All button that will wipe out all data in the grid.