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Trucks Side-By-Side

Select Trucks Side-By-Side from the main screen to get to this screen. (This is only available to multiple-truck versions.)

This screen's main purpose is to compare fuel and cost statistics between multiple trucks.

How to Use
Click the Select Trucks button to choose which trucks are to appear in the analysis. Then, click the View Analysis button.

The resulting display will feature up to 4 trucks per screen. You may scroll to the right to see additional trucks.

Click the + and - buttons in the Truck Details column to expand and contract the categories. Each category heading will display the most important information of the category.

It is important to understand that the miles/kms displayed in the fuel statistics are only those miles/kms from the first fill through the last fill. These miles will most likely be less than the total miles/kms driven to-date. The exception to this are the average cost per gallon/liter and average price per stop. These are taken from every fuel stop record.

This data may be reported. will view the report, will print the report, and will email the report. On the report, each truck is presented on a separate page.