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Driver Gross Pay Calculations

This screen is accessed from the Driver Payment Details screen.

The purpose of this screen is to calculate gross pay. 

How to Use
Gross pay may be manually entered as on lump sum or it may be derived from income entries assigned to this driver, or a combination of both. The sum of whatever shows up in the grid will be used as gross pay.

If you want to show your drivers the loads for which they are being paid, then please follow these easy steps:
  • When payment is received for the load, enter it in the income and expenses screen as income. Assign the truck and load to the payement. Also, assign the driver to the income entry as well.
  • Click the Get Unpaid Income Entries for This Driver button. This will retrieve all income entries assigned to this driver that are not marked as "Driver Paid?". Load information will be brought in as well, as long as the income entries are assigned to a truck and load.

    The grid will be filled in with each load in the format of:
      LOAD (12345) Load Description Here
      Start mm/dd/yyyy at Origin Pickup Name, City and State (or Province)
      Stop mm/dd/yyyy at Destination Pickup Name, City and State (or Province)
         Distance Traveled: nnnn

    The LOAD line will contain the amount of the payment from the customer. All other lines will have zero for the amount. (This is what you want, because gross pay is the sum of all lines in the grid.)

    Use the buttons to the right of the grid to add, edit, delete, and rearrange these entries as desired.