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Registration will unlock all of the functions of the software. If you are renewing your license, please scroll down to the Renewal section of this topic.

To begin the registration process, click on "Not Registered -- Click to Register" at the top of the main screen, after the "Rig Expense Tracker" title.

You will first be asked if you already have a registration number. If you do not have one, then click "No". You will be taken to a registration screen as described below.

If you have a registration number, please enter the entire number, including hyphens (dashes). You may enter the number as either uppercase or lowercase letters; it does not matter. You will next be asked to enter your last name. Again, you may enter it as uppercase or lowercase. If this is a re-registration, then your name must match how you originally typed it. If you have an apostrophe in your name, such as "O'Hara", please enter it without the apostrophe, such as "ohara".

Registration Screen
The registration screen allows you to pay for the software either by credit card or by PayPal. Regardless of how you pay, ALL registrations are processed manually to avoid fraud. Please have patience during this process. You are more than welcome to contact Support in an effort to expedite your registration. Registrations are usually completed within 24 hours.

Select the type of registration (how many trucks you need to track).

Paying by Credit Card
To pay by credit card, fill out the credit card information on the left side of the screen. Then, provide the credit card billing information. At the bottom of the screen (you will most likely need to scroll down), you will find three ways of sending the registration to ALMSys, Inc. for processing.
  • Transmit Via Internet. Your information will be encrypted and transmitted by to a secure file on the ALMSys, Inc. website. No one will but ALMSys, Inc. will be able to see your information. Your PC's firewall may try to block this transmission. Please let it through.
  • Print & Fax. This will print your order information. The number to which it is to be faxed will be on the printout.
  • E-Mail. This will start an e-mail, using the e-mail client on your PC. (If you only use webmail and have not set up an e-mail client, then this option will not work well for you.) When the e-mail is created, the registration information is placed on the Windows clipboard. You must paste this into the message area of the e-mail via the shift-insert keys, or by right-clicking on the message area and selecting paste from the pop-up menu. The data that you pasted will be encrypted and unreadable, making it safe to send via e-mail.

    Paying by PayPal
    To pay by PayPal, click the Buy Now PayPal button. You will be taken to the PayPal website to make your payment. The payment will be made to (that's me -- I own ALMSys, Inc. and wrote this software). Upon receipt of payment, a registration number will be e-mailed to the e-mail address provided by PayPal for your account.

    Renewing your license is pretty much the same as the initial registration. Begin the process by clicking on the "Registered --" message at the top of the main screen. This will open a small "Registration Information" window, where you need to click on the Click to Renew button.

    You may renew by credit card or by PayPal, as described above. If you choose to renew by PayPal, then you must also click the Send E-Mail to Support button. This will effectively tell Support that you renewed by PayPal and will convey the registration number being renewed. PayPal will not have your registration number, so please send that e-mail or telephone Support and tell them you registration number.