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Driver Payments Addition or Deduction

This screen is accessed from the Driver Payment Details screen.

The purpose of this screen is to add an addition or deduction to the corresponding section on the Driver Payment Details screen.

How to Use
Provide a Description and Amount and click OK.

Positive amounts are treated as additions; negative amounts are treated as deductions.

The Amount field has a built-in calculator to assist if needed. 

Associated with the Description are the Last Used and Default amounts. You may set a default amount to be used in most cases with this description. Use the corresponding "finger" button to fill in the amount from these fields.

Loans and Reimbursements Entries
When making entries from the "Loans and Reimbursements" section, you may see two panels that will tell you that active loans and/or active escrow accounts are present. If you need to make a deduction for either of these two, here is where you would do that.

Click the corresponding Show Panel button to open up the panel details. This will show you a grid of the active accounts. Click on the account in the grid for which you wish to make a deduction and then click the Fill in fields from indicated... button that is below the grid. This will fill in the Description and Amount fields for the deduction.

If you wish to go ahead and make a payment to the loan or escrow account, click the Make Payment button. That will open up the post payment screen for that loan or escrow account.

Once all of that is done, go ahead and click the OK button to post your adjustment.