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Broker Report

This screen is accessed from the Reports - Broker Report on the main menu.

The purpose of this report is to provide a report of loads and income by broker.

How to Use
Begin by selecting the timespan for the report. You may run this report for whatever date range is desired. Loads started in that date range will be included.

If you have multiple trucks, then you will see a box to the right asking you if you wish to run this report for multiple trucks. By default, the report would be run for the current truck selected. If you wish to run this for multiple trucks, select "Multiple Trucks", click on the Select Trucks button, and choose the trucks from the list provided.

If you want to run this report for one broker only, then click the Select Specific Broker button and choose the desired borker from the list. Use the Report All Brokers button to report all brokers for loads found in the date range specified.

Finally, choose one of the reporting buttons to run the report. will view the report, will print the report, and will email the report.

Report Contents
This report will print the broker's name and address, along with the truck number, load i.d., load name, total income for the load, load origin, and load destination. A truck summary will print at the end of the report.