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E-Mail Setup

Select Tools - E-Mail Setup from the main menu to get to this screen.

Screen Layout
The fields on this screen are identical to the information that is needed to set up a POP3 e-mail account. Fields denoted by a * are required for e-mail to be sent.

The Outgoing Mail Port traditionally is 25. However, there has been a trend to change this port to 587. If 25 does not work, try 587. Contact your e-mail provider if you need assistance finding out the information needed on this screen.

Make sure you save your changes before exiting.

Why Set up E-Mail?
There are a number of reports that may be e-mailed, including invoices to customers for your services and DOT reporting. When e-mailed, these reports are output as an Adobe PDF file, and then sent as an e-mail attachment.