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Revision History

Version 3.4050 (01/02/2021)
  • Added a new button to the fuel log entry to allow calculating the expense using the discounted price.

    Version 3.4040 (07/02/2020)
  • Fixed data restore to restore company table properly without error.
  • Fixed load error when selecting invoice number, followed by setting the name and address.
  • Fixed main screen cost analysis that re-added too much overhead income and expenses when the start date had been applied.

    Version 3.4030 (10/18/2019)
  • Added ability to start fuel and cost statistics on the main screen at a specific date.
  • Added invoice date and remit-to fields to load screen for load invoices.
  • Added remit-to fields to general invoicing screen.

    Version 3.4020 (02/18/2019)
  • Added Bill To to load invoice grid.
  • Added load number to load invoice.
  • Made driver payments grid sortable.
  • Added ability to limit load invoice grid to a date range.
  • Made load deductible percentage amount reimburseable on the load settlement screen.

    Version 3.4010 (12/03/2018)
  • Fixed bug when setting a maintenance log entry that has an active recurring reminder.

    Version 3.4000 (09/18/2017)
  • Allowed expenses to be assigned to a driver.
  • Changed Pay Your Drivers section 4 to pull in driver-assigned expenses.
  • Changed Pay Your Drivers to allow negative payment carry-overs to the next payment.
  • Added "Upcoming Load" report which may be viewed, printed, or e-mailed.

    Version 3.3100 - 3.3120 (05/28/2017)
  • Added driver to load settlement screen.
  • Fixed recurring reminders based on days to dismiss properly.
  • Added more fields to the reminders grid in order to convey recurring reminders settings and reminder priority.
  • Added "Pilot" to the list of how paid codes in the income and expenses.
  • Removed "OK, Add Another" button on income/expense post in the settlement detail screen. This button was causing problems that were too complex to rectify.
  • Added ability of posting a driver payment expense to the income and expenses from the driver payment details screen.
  • Added ability to move (or remove) income and expenses from one truck to another.
  • Added automatic load i.d. numbering option.
  • Added upcoming loads feature.
  • Added alternate IFTA miles/km import from Rand McNally spreadsheet.
  • Added ability to suppress miles or km on main dashboard calculations.
  • Added maintenance categories for "DEF System", "Safety Equipment" and "Truck Cleaning".

    Version 3.3000 (03/13/2017)
  • Added report subtitle option to income and expense reports. Also added truck numbers used at the bottom of each income and expense report.
  • Added a broker default deduction percentage to the customers file.

    Version 3.2910 (11/08/2016)
  • Fixed bug in Load screen when on the Cloud and trying to create an invoice.
  • Changed renew process to know Cloud charges.
  • Modified Cloud access setup to be easier to understand.

    Version 3.2900 (09/15/2016)
  • Added two new "How Paid" codes for "Loves" and "Multi Card".
  • Fixed all cost analysis routines and reports to not include income or expenses marked as "Do Not Include in Tallies" (category field).
  • Added feature to automatically add fuel stop data to the alternate IFTA records. (Turn this on for EACH truck in the Truck Master maintenance.)

    Version 3.2800 (09/06/2016)
  • Fixed bug General Invoice that disallowed an invoice deletion.
  • Added feature to Income & Expense reports to include/not include "Do Not Include in Tallies" categories.

    Version 3.2700 (07/13/2016)
  • Fixed bug in the alternate IFTA input mileage screen that caused an error when entered.
  • Fixed the pay stub in pay your drivers so that it properly shows LTD amounts.

    Version 3.2600 (03/02/2016)
  • Fixed bug in the recurring expenses screen that caused an error when entered.

    Version 3.2500 (02/29/2016)
  • Fixed bug in the fuel stop screen that caused an error when a new store was added for a chain that had no stores.

    Version 3.2400 (02/05/2016)
  • Fixed bug in the Trip Report that did not properly account for fuel stops when no state change records were present.

    Version 3.2300 (10/09/2015)
  • Changed load invoices to allow you to change the assigned invoice number.
  • Fixed bug in cloud-based mode that caused error messages when posting multiple fuel stops.
  • Changed the load screen to automatically resize the load invoice grid so that it appears better on the screen.
  • Added an invoice footer message field on the company screen. This message will appear at the bottom of invoices.

    Version 3.2200 (10/01/2015)
  • Added code in the fuel stop screen for the "Add New" buttons on the Chain Master and Chain Stores lists.
  • Fixed bug in cloud-based mode that caused error messages when running the IFTA report with the log file screen open.
  • Fixed bug in cloud-based mode that prevented new reminders from being added.

    Version 3.2100 (09/22/2015)
  • Changed to use HTML help.
  • Changed load invoices to use sequential invoice numbers.
  • Changed the load invoice so that it uses less ink/toner.

    Version 3.2000 (09/03/2015)
  • Completed the alternate IFTA input screens.

    Version 3.1400 (08/06/2015)
  • Fixed bug in income and expenses that complained about an open connection.
  • Fixed the Reminders Reset.
  • Fixed a bug in the DOT report when you have multiple trucks.
  • Started working on alternate IFTA input screens. This feature is not ready yet.

    Version 3.1300 (04/23/2015)
  • Fixed bug in driver loan payments.

    Version 3.1200 (04/21/2015)
  • Fixed bug in IFTA reporting that listed the incorrect truck in the heading.

    Version 3.1100 (04/03/2015)
  • Fixed truck speed buttons in the event of a truck deletion.
  • Changed add new truck to use the first available internal record number.
  • Changed the Load Invoice grid to be sortable and searchable.
  • Changed the General Invoice grid to be sortable and searchable.
  • Fixed problem with upload to cloud.

    Version 3.1000 (03/30/2015)
  • Added discounted cost per gallon/liter to fuel screen, along with a corresponding calculator screen. Discounted information has also been added to the fuel statistics.

    Version 3.0100 (03/21/2015)
  • Fixed files from 3.0 new install error.

    Version 3.0000 (03/17/2015)
  • Added the ability to run as a standalone program or be cloud-based.
  • Added Settlement Detail Template screen.
  • Changed the "Miles (km)" field on the load screen to include a calculator.
  • Fixed I/E grids to refresh when a different truck is selected.
  • Fixed log file check for errors to ensure that the grid is sorted by ascending odometer.
  • Added maintenance types for "Lube, Oil, Filter" and "Auxiliary Power Unit."
  • Modified IFTA reporting to allow for overrides in the middle of the quarter.
  • Added average cost per gallon and average price per stop to the fuel calculations.

    Version 2.4200 (06/20/2014)
  • The main screen will now refresh its statistics after visiting the settlement screen.
  • Changed FTP to use passive FTP.
  • Made sure that load and trip titles & IDs do not contain a single quote.
  • Changed the check for IFTA updates to use the website update program.
  • Added Motor Carrier Number to customers maintenance.

    Version 2.4100 (04/17/2014)
  • Fixed "DtInvNo not found" bug in settlements screen when adding detail records.
  • Fixed bug in income entry that did not display the correct driver's name.
  • Added driver's name to Trip Report.
  • Added up and down arrows to log file for moving entries within the same odometer.

    Version 2.4000 (02/17/2014)
  • Changed the General Invoice screen's "Invoice Receivables Report" to allow it to show one customer only.
  • Added invoice payment terms and outstanding invoice limit fields to customer screen.
  • Changed the General Invoice Detail screen to: 1) Add payment terms, 2) Add Reference/PO, 3) Monitor outstanding amount owed from all unpaid invoices.
  • Fixed bug on General Invoice Grid that repeated customer information form another line.

    Version 2.3000 (01/13/2014)
  • Added recurring income and expense entries.

    Version 2.2100 (12/30/2013)
  • Added Profit/Loss reports.

    Version 2.2000 (12/08/2013)
  • Added Trailer Maintenance and report.

    Version 2.1000 (10/14/2013)
  • Added Fuel Estimate (and report) as part of the Fuel Stats screen.

    Version 2.0000 (10/01/2013)
  • Added general invoicing.

    Version 1.2700 (07/11/2013)
  • Added truck swap buttons.

    Version 1.2601 (06/16/2013)
  • Made IFTA update available on website, resulting in a change to how the program knows what IFTA version it is on.
  • Made registration faster by using MySQL rather than FTP.
  • Tweaked invoice to widen description column.

    Version 1.2600 (06/08/2013)
  • Moved access to Forms printing to the Tools menu.
  • Added Interactive Invoice List and moved the Receivables Report to this new screen.

    Version 1.2501 (04/17/2013)
  • Fixed bug in maintenance that caused the expense entry to have the wrong category selected.

    Version 1.2500 (03/13/2013)
  • Pressing F3 on the main screen will act as a shortcut to switching between trucks.
  • Changed IFTA report to allow running the report for the current quarter, without the log data being 100% ready and without having the current quarter's IFTA updates.

    Version 1.2401 (03/06/2013)
  • Added fields on the Load Charges Defaults screen to allow you to specifiy whether the load charges fixed percent and amount fields are to be settled as income or expense entries.
  • Modified the Load Charges Settlement to react properly to these two new fields.

    Version 1.2400 (03/04/2013)
  • Modified the Load Charges area on the Load edit screen to allow for the input of a fixed percentage deduction and a fixed deduction amount.
  • Modified the Load Charges Settlement to pick up the two new fields for the settlement. They will post as "Load Charges Fixed Percent" and "Load Charges Fixed Decuction".
  • Modified the Load Charges area on the Load edit screen to automatically mark the "Paid in Full" box after a settlement was posted that brought the Net to zero. (It will ask you if you want this done.)

    Version 1.2302 (02/19/2013)
  • Added check in Load screen to watch out for duplicate load IDs
  • Added check in Trip screen to watch out for duplicate trip IDs

    Version 1.2301 (02/14/2013)
  • Fixed bug in Log Report screen that caused a "5033 error"
  • Added button to load screen in the load charges area that will refresh the calculations

    Version 1.23 (02/11/2013)
  • Added Load Documents to the Load edit screen
  • Added External Files Folder Mass Change screen

    Version 1.2201 (01/21/2013)
  • Added button to fill in the next check number on Pay Your Drivers payment detail screen
  • Altered load screen to allow the load invoice number to be overridden

    Version 1.2200 (01/04/2013)
  • Added "Load Receivables Report"
  • Fixed bug in Pay Your Drivers that did not initialy set the "Include Detail..." box

    Version 1.2100 (11/28/2012)
  • Added "Trucks Side-By-Side" analysis tool and report

    Version 1.2003 (11/16/2012)
  • Modified I/E grids to remember current record
  • Added "Loads With No Income Report"
  • Modified I/E reports to add the ability to limit report to only income or expense entries, also to limit report to specific categories

    Version 1.2002 (11/07/2012)
  • Added "Driver Escrow" to the "Pay Your Drivers" feature
  • Added CSV data export for income and expense entries
  • Fixed bug when going to store maintenance from log file screen
  • Fixed store maintenance to handle embedded quotes ( ' ) properly
  • Added the ability to assign an income entry to a driver. Then changed the Pay Your Drivers feature to import unpaid income entries for that driver in order to derive Gross Pay. The Pay Stub was modifed to print the Gross Pay calculation, along with load information from the payment.
  • Added ability to post loan payments and escrow payments from the Pay Your Drivers feature.

    Version 1.2001 (10/13/2012)
  • Moved the "Add New" buttons on the screens in the "Pay Your Drivers" feature to be more prominent
  • Fixed rounding bug in printing pay checks

    Version 1.2000 (10/02/2012)
  • Added "Pay Your Drivers" feature

    Version 1.1006 (08/07/2012)
  • Added the ability of starting another new settlement from within the settlement screen
  • Added rounding button to income and expense entry screens

    Version 1.1005 (08/06/2012)
  • Added name/payer save and lookup into settlement screen

    Version 1.1004 (08/01/2012)
  • Included message regarding OOIDA discount on registration screen

    Version 1.1003 (07/31/2012)
  • Added "Truck (Loads Only)" to income & expense filter
  • Added ability to attach an image file to an income or expense entry
  • Added "Broker Report"

    Version 1.1002 (07/18/2012)
  • Fixed internal expense grid sort error
  • Changed the "Overall" cost analysis to include all overhead

    Version 1.1001 (07/09/2012)
  • Fixed internal log file bugs
  • Added date and description to load charges

    Version 1.1000 (07/05/2012)
  • Added GPS interface
  • Changed Load screen to remember the "Truck I.D." and "Driver" from the last updated load for the same truck.
  • Modified check for updates to show what has changed in the new version.
  • Added "EFS" as a "How Paid" income/expense code.
  • Added Trip I.D. and Load I.D. to the Log File display as separate columns.

    Version 1.0032 (04/29/2012)
  • Altered registration to allow for pre-created registration numbers

    Version 1.0031 (04/27/2012)
  • Implemented 20 entry limit to log file

    Version 1.0030 (04/23/2012)
  • Changed logo

    Version 1.0029 (04/15/2012)
  • Implemented 30-day trial

    Version 1.0028 (04/11/2012)
  • IFTA Q1 2012 update

    Version 1.0027 (03/26/2012)
  • Fixed bug in IFTA download

    Version 1.0026 (02/23/2012)
  • Fixed bug in contacts maintenance

    Version 1.0025 (02/22/2012)
  • Added log file type for "Trip"
  • Added Trip Report

    Version 1.0024 (01/21/2012)
  • Added reminders