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Overall Truck Setup

Select Truck - Overall Truck Setup from the main menu to get to this screen.

Screen Layout
The blue grid on the left of this screen will contain a list of the trucks being tracked. You cannot edit directly into this grid; it is for display and navigation only. Initially, Rig Expense Tracker ships with one truck set up; all you need to do is to change the truck's information in the data fields on the right and save your changes.

The ID/Number field is the primary identification of your truck. It is used everywhere in this software to identify the truck, so input a meaningful number or code into this field. It is 20 characters long and may contain numbers, letters, and special characters.

The "What is the beginning odometer setting?" fields are used as the launch point for your odometer tracking. This MUST be the earliest odometer setting that you will ever input for this truck. Odometers may be tracked in miles or kilometers.

The Fuel Average to use on IFTA report field is used to override the calculated fuel average that is used on the IFTA report. Leave this zero to have the program calculate this for you.

The Automatically Create Alternate IFTA Fuel Records from Fuel Entries field will allow the fuel entry screen to automatically "push" data to the alternate IFTA fuel data file.

Make sure you save your changes before exiting or switching to a different truck.

Adding an Additional Truck
Rig Expense Tracker will allow you to track up to 10 trucks. Additional trucks may be tracked for an additional charge. To add a truck, click the button. You will be prompted to enter the truck's ID or number; this is required and it must be unique from any other truck you are tracking. 

Deleting a Truck
If you have finished tracking a truck and wish to remove it from the software, then select the truck from the grid on the left and click the button. You will be asked twice if you are sure that you want to delete the truck. When deleted, all corresponding records for this truck will be deleted, including income and expenses, maintenance, loads, fuel, and all log entries.

Internal Tracking Note
Internally, trucks are tracked by a number. You will see that number in various areas within the software, including this screen (it is in parenthesis in the upper, right-hand corner). Your first truck will be numbered "1," and sequentially numbered from there.