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Fuel Statistics

Select Fuel Statistics & Estimator (in the Fuel Statistics box) from the main screen to get to this screen.

This screen's purpose is to provide fuel statistics by mile (or km) driven, and to provide a means to calculate fuel costs.

How to Use
You may calculate fuel statistics only from full tank fill to full tank fill. Use the Last Fill and First Fill buttons to select the fuel record desired. Only those fuel stop log entries that have been flagged as a fill will be presented in the selection list. The fuel statistics will be calculated upon selection.

Fuel Estimator

How to Use
Provide the estimated number of miles or kilometers, the MPG or KPL, and the cost per gallon/liter in the first box. Then, click the Calculate button in the Results box.

You may view, print, or email the fuel estimate in the Print Results box. Give the estimate a title and then click the  to view the results, or will to print the results, or to email the results.