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Income & Expense Search

This screen is accessed from Search menu item on the Income & Expenses screen.

Screen Layout
This screen is used to search for specific income & expense records. There are many fields on this screen which may be set in order to limit your search criteria. If you want to search for a specific amount, enter it in the "Amount: Low" field. 

Click the Search button to perform the search. The results will be shown along with tallies on the right side. The results may be sorted by clicking on the corresponding column heading. Click the same heading again to reverse the sort.

Double-click on a specific entry in the grid to go to that record on the Income & Expenses screen.

The results may be reported, as follows:
  •   This will preview the report.
  •   This will send the report directly to your printer.
  •   This will send the report as a PDF attachment to an e-mail. See the e-mail send screen for more details.