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Payment Settlement (Load Screen)

This screen is accessed from the Edit Load screen. The purpose of this screen is to settle payments against loads which have been invoiced. Typically, this is for Owner/Operators only.

Screen Layout
Enter the payment information in the Payment Details box at the top of the screen. Next, mark the charges and reimbursable expenses that are included in this payment. Click the Recalculate button in the Settlement Calculations box. In order to post a payment settlement, the amount of the payment and the sum of the charges must be equal.

If charges are missing, then you must return to the Edit Load screen and input them. If you did not receive full payment for the charges entered, then you must alter the amount(s) of the charges.

Once the Net is zero, then click the Post the Settlement button. The program will double-check the amounts and ask you to confirm the settlement post. As a result of the post, income entries will be made for the charges and reimbursable expenses entered. This will also be reflected back on the Edit Load screen.

If you posted load charges fixed percent or load charges fixed amount entries, and specified that they are to be treated as expense entries, then they will be posted as expense entries and marked as reimbursable expenses accordingly. This way, they will show up in the load charges area correctly.